Influence of precipitation on cork annual growth (Northwest Algeria)


  • Mustapha El Habib FRIHI Laboratory: Conservatory Management of Water, Soil and Forests and Sustainable Development of Mountainous Areas of the Tlemcen region, Department of Forest Resources, Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences and Earth and Universe Sciences, University of Tlemcen
  • Belkheir DEHANE Département des Ressources Forestières



Cork growth rings from three sites in the North West of Algeria were analysed in relation to monthly and annual precipitation and to climatic indices. The growth curves of the cork of the three forest Zarieffet, Tagdempt and Ami-Moussa, showed a similar downward trend in growth over the cycle. Ring width and their growth indices were small, ranging from 2.16mm (ZA), 2.58mm (TA) and 2.20mm (AM) , corresponding to a thin cork. Ten-year time series were compared to precipitation data from 2012 to 2021. Ring width and growth indices revealed a strong correlation with annual rainfall and spring rains. The severe drought experienced by the region since 2016 has resulted in strong correlations with the climate indices used.




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FRIHI , M. E. H. ., & DEHANE , B. (2023). Influence of precipitation on cork annual growth (Northwest Algeria). Agriculture and Forestry Journal, 7(1), 42–49.