Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning <div> <p> </p> </div> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> The Laboratory of Research TNDA en-US Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning 2773-3114 أسباب قصور الدليل التشخيصي والإحصائي الخامس في تقييم اضطراب النمو الذهني <p>The aim of this research is to identify the reasons for the deficiency of the fifth diagnostic and statistical manual (DSM-5) in evaluating mental development disorder as the main tool adopted globally in diagnosing psychological disorders. The research found a set of reasons, the most important of which is the focus on quantitative data and the lack of interest in qualitative data when diagnosing, and the use of standard intelligence measures to assess mental performance despite its inaccuracy in measuring intelligence and its inappropriateness to the privacy of the mentally disabled, also failure to define diagnostic criteria procedurally to ensure the accuracy and professionalism of the diagnosis, it is based on the principle of type differences for diagnosis within groups and does not apply the principle of individual differences that leads to an integrated psychological diagnosis describes the case in a graph (Psychograph).</p> خليل عابدين تهاني هاشم Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning 2022-06-02 2022-06-02 2 2 18 01 10.46325/jnddl.v2i2.89 المناعة النفسية العصبية وفق نموذج يوسُف والفضلي التكاملي" لدى المراهقين الممارسين وغير الممارسين للأنشطة الرياضية: دراسة مقارنة في ضوء نوع الجنس والمرحلة التعليمية <p>The study aimed to reveal the extent of the differences in neuropsychological immunity "according to Yousef and Al-Fadhli integrative model" among adolescents of both sexes who practice and do not practice sports activities, and the main study sample consisted of (140) adolescents in Ismailia Governorate, Egypt. There are differences between the sample members in neuropsychological immunity in favor of those who practice sports activities, and there are no differences between male and female practitioners of sports activities in neuropsychological immunity; In addition to the existence of differences between them according to the educational stage in neuropsychological immunity in favor of adolescents at the university level.</p> سليمان عبد الواحد يوسف Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning 2022-06-02 2022-06-02 2 2 31 19 10.46325/jnddl.v2i2.90 مفاهيم نظرية حول التنمر الالكتروني <p>This intervention focuses on Cyberbullying; this social phenomenon has emerged in electronic media via social networks and electronic games. It became a tool of harassment to annoy and threaten people's lives; therefore, this work can contribute to the awareness of Internet users, in order to orient them towards the ethical rules of modern communication technologies to ensure the protection and safety of community member’s privacy, by answering the following questions:</p> <ul> <li class="show">What is Cyberbullying?</li> <li class="show">What are the most common forms of Cyberbullying?</li> <li class="show">What are the effects of Cyberbullying?</li> <li class="show">How to facing up Cyberbullying?</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> زهرة يوب Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning 2022-06-02 2022-06-02 2 2 32 40 10.46325/jnddl.v2i2.91 التنمر الالكتروني وعلاقته بفرط استخدام وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي : الفايسبوك نموذجا <p>The study aimed at discovering the relationship between cyberbullying and the use of social media” Facebook” via the previouse studies that dealt with cyberbullying its causes and forms, and how much effect increased use of different social media sites including Facebook which is considered as one of the largest and most famous websites in the world in social relationships and building friendships.</p> عدة الزهرة Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning 2022-06-02 2022-06-02 2 2 41 49 10.46325/jnddl.v2i2.92 التنمر الإلكتروني من وجهة نظر مستشاري التوجيه والإرشاد المدرسي والمهني <p>Cyberbullying is a crime that has recently spread remarkably across the Internet, it means all forms of abuse and harm, directed from one individual to another, Where the bully takes advantage of websites such as social&nbsp; media to pass an aggressive, deliberate, strongly-worded messages, all of which are insults, insults, defamation, and even slander, with the aim of distorting the image of the recipient, wich leads to suicide and depressionto get rid of extortion; Therefore, many countries seek to control and limit this dangerous phenomenon&nbsp; by enacting laws, inventing detection devices for bullying, as well as trying to educate society about this crime and its dangers, and introducing the correct ways to deal with it; and in this paper, we will address the issue of electronic bullying from the point of view of the school counselers and how to reduce this phenomenon.</p> لحبيب بن عربية Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders and Learning 2022-06-02 2022-06-02 2 2 60 50 10.46325/jnddl.v2i2.93