Rural renewal in Algeria in the era of new technologies and digital transformation


  • Baghdad CHAIB
  • Leila KHOUANI


Rurality-Algeria, Politics-Renewal, Computer systems, Technologies


It seems that the issue of rural development and the need for primary concern with the expectations of the rural population is taking on large and rising international dimensions, because economic decision-makers have understood that economic growth cannot be achieved and achieved without an effective and real contribution to the rural world, not only through the fact that the population is able to consume and save , but especially the population that can integrate and invest in the desired economic development projects, through the progress of employment, goods and services, and a set of economic activities in the sense of creating value-added and capital gains for the benefit of the national economy. The new programme, known as the Rural Renewal Policy, aims to be more committed and closer, and integrates a technical and practical dimension, namely, IT support to better guide and control projects selected and launched by rural people, with state support and support. Thus, our proposal will attempt to explain this system, its contours, and its implications for these rural areas


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