About the Journal

Al-Istiab Journal is a trimestrial international academic journal, issued by the Laboratory of Shariah Studies at Abu Bakr Belkaid University - Tlemcen, established in the year 2019 . It is interested in publishing articles and serious academic scientific researches in the various fields of Islamic sciences represented in: Islamic Jurisprudence and its foundations, Quran and Sunnah, Islamic Belief and Comparison of Religions, Islamic Call, Islamic History and Civilization, Arabic Language and Quranic Studies, Islamic Economics, Shariah and Law, History and Philosophy of Science, Religious Studies. It will be published in four languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish. It also deals with academic scientific activities through national and international conferences that meet the standards of scientific and methodological publication, and its supreme aim is to be an incubator for scientists, thinkers and researchers to develop insights and knowledge and promote human thought globally. Al- Istiab journal seeks to dedicate a useful research reference for researchers and students in the field of Islamic sciences and related sciences.