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Nutrition and Biotechnology Advancements is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary open access journal with an expanded scope that not only includes innovations in basic and applied life sciences, but also manuscripts at the intersection of traditionally defined disciplines, i.e., cross-disciplinary studies, where integrative and emerging fields of investigation are being formed. The expanded scope of JNBA encopasses a broad range of topics within the field of global nutritional sciences but is not limited to the following:

  • Nutrition, Physiology and metabolism: Dietary surveys and lifestyles; Nutritional diseases and inflammatory biomarkers; Nutrient biochemistry; Diet and epigenetics; Redox status; Oxidative stress and pathologies; Sports Nutrition; Ramadhan and intermittent fasting; Nutrigenomics and precision nutrition; Adaptive functional nutrition. 
  • Nutrition and immune system: Gut microbiota in chronic diseases; Cancer diseases; Autoimmune diseases; Immunity in health and disease; Aging, Immunosenescence; Allergology and immune system; Food and Agricultural immunology. 
  • Biotechnology advances and functional food: Food industry, biotechnology and environment; Valorization of by-products of agro-resources; Food chemistry; Formulation; molecular concept and application; Supplements in human health; Food biotechnology innovations; Medical biotechnologies.
  • Agriculture and Functional agro-materials: Organic agriculture; Functional agro-resources and biotechnology; Food safety and toxicological risk; Food culture and society; Crops and food technology in agriculture and the food chain; Comparison and validation of analytical methods for food products; Agriculture policy economics and environment.

The journal welcomes original research articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case studies, opinion pieces that achieve the advancement of food biotechnology and nutrition sciences and other types of contributions that advance the understanding of nutritional and biotechnology issues. Manuscripts should prove strong research methodology, clear interpretations of results, and healthy nutrition & biotechnology applications.

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Vol. 1 No. 01 (2024): International Journal of Nutrition and Biotechnology Advancements
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