About the Journal

The Medical Focus Journal (MFJ) is a biannual international scientific journal (June and December) published by the Faculty of Medicine of Tlemcen, it publishes articles in French and English online and in open access.
eISSN: 2992-0442 
The journal aims to promote research in all areas of health: medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, medical biology and basic sciences.
The MFJ publishes original articles, general reviews, meta-analyses, letters to the editor, editorials, case series, Cases reports, iconographies, commentaries, expert opinions. Special issues devoted to important scientific events could also be published.

- Publication fees : No fees are required.

- Editorial policy : Each article submitted is first examined by the editorial committee, it can be refused if it does not meet the editorial rules of the journal or if it does not respect the editorial and ethical policy of the MFJ.
The manuscript is then forwarded, on condition of anonymity, to two or three reviewers.
The final decision of acceptance, rejection or revision is made by the editor in consultation with the editorial team.

- Research ethics policy : The manuscript must comply with the ethical recommendations of the Declaration of Helsinki. It must have been submitted, if necessary, either to the personal data protection committee or to an ethics committee.
Medical Focus Journal follows appropriate conflict of interest and dual publication procedures and best practices by COPE Committee on Publication Ethics.

- Legal obligations : An article is examined with a view to its publication provided that its content has not been simultaneously submitted to another journal and that it has not been accepted for publication elsewhere. The authors undertake to do so when of the electronic submission process.
Articles published in this journal cannot be the subject of another publication without the authorization of the editorial committee, nevertheless if the said article is cited in another journal, the reference of the MFJ must appear there.
Conflicts of interest must be clearly notified.
Plagiarism is defined by any appropriation of the work of others without citation, it is punished by law in accordance with Algerian regulations: "decree 1082 of December 27, 2020", setting the rules relating to the prevention of plagiarism.
Any article submitted to the MFJ will be actively checked for plagiarism. If this is confirmed before the acceptance of the manuscript, the article is immediately rejected and the author is informed. If plagiarism is proven after acceptance of the manuscript, the author will bear all the consequences legal. The manuscript will be withdrawn and the author will no longer be able to publish articles in the MFJ.