Activate DOI for all articles


When you click the “Activate DOI” link, our system will connect to the DOI system to check that there isn’t already a DOI issued for the title in question. In the DOI system this is called a “conflict check”. The conflict check looks for a record in the DOI system that matches the title, publication date, publisher(s), and author name(s) supplied. If a title exists in the DOI system with the same details as the ones being checked then there is a conflict. In this case, you will be notified of the conflict in your Issue Lab dashboard and a DOI will not be issued. If there isn’t a conflict, your DOI will be issued immediately.

Your DOI will be usable within an hour of activating it — the timing depends on how busy the DOI system is at the time of your request.

Important: Once you activate a DOI for a title that DOI is permanently assigned to that title. This cannot be undone.


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