Physicochemical parameters of oil extracted from Ricinus communis L. seeds


  • Tarik Mohammed CHAOUCHE
  • Ouhiba BOUDJEMAI
  • Imane GHELLAI
  • Souad SENHADJI



Ricinus communis L, Physicochemical characteristics, antioxidant activity.


The objective of our work in this study is the extraction and characterization of castor oil (Ricinus communis L) physicochemical characterization for a better appreciation of the oil. Extraction of The castor bean oil is made by the chemical method Soxhlet (extracted with petroleum ether) gave an oil yield of the order of 29.17% and for the results of the physicochemical parameters the values are as follows: Acid value is 0.57mg KOH/g oil, acidity is 0.28%, saponification number is 177.42 mg KOH/g oil, 93.39g/100g Oil for the iodine value and 7.83 meq of active O2 / Kg of oil for the peroxide number, the density being 0.956 at 20°C, the refractive index at 20°C equal to 1.4778 And the rotation angle is 4.20. Finally, a study of the antioxidant activity of the oil was carried out by the method of trapping the free radical DPPH, the results obtained showed the existence of a less important antioxidant activity (IC50 = 431.73 μg/ml) for Castor seed oil versus antioxidant references.




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Tarik Mohammed CHAOUCHE, Farah HADDOUCHI, Ouhiba BOUDJEMAI, Imane GHELLAI, & Souad SENHADJI. (2021). Physicochemical parameters of oil extracted from Ricinus communis L. seeds. Journal of Natural Product Research and Applications, 1(01), 46–53.



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